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In simple terms, we are less healthy than in past generations, and the reasons why are varied. Our dietary habits are terrible. We eat overly processed foods that are high in sugars, fats, refined flour, and chemical ingredients. Our soils are depleted of essential nutrients. We are exposed to an onslaught of environmental toxins every day and overall our schedules and lifestyles are hectic and stress-filled.

Ionic Minerals

All of this creates an increased demand for improved nutrition and more nutrient-rich foods. In fact, studies show that even modest improvements in diet can create a significant drop in the risk of numerous diseases ranging from cancer to heart disease. There are numerous types of nutrients that can help us achieve better health.  One of those sources of premium nutrition is nature’s nutrient powerhouse, Acai.  This powerful berry is the foundation of the Iconic Mineral Acai Blend.

Why Ionic Minerals?

Ionic minerals (meaning they are electrically charged) are far superior to non-ionic minerals. The reason is that ionic minerals are more easily and quickly absorbed into the cells that line the intestinal tract, which makes them readily available for the body to use them where are needed.  Ionic minerals also help normalize the acid-alkaline balance of the body’s fluids and tissues.

8 Reasons to Try an Ionic Mineral-Acai Blend

In looking for an ionic mineral product, consider one that also delivers the nutritional power of acai berry and fulvic acid for optimal nutritional support. The following are potential health benefits of an ionic mineral-acai berry product:

  1. Cardiovascular Support. The heart and blood vessels require numerous minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients that would be found in an ionic mineral-acai blend.
  2. Cellular Health. The body’s trillions of cells require nutrition and protection every day, which could be supplied by a blend of ionic minerals and the acai berry.
  3. Antioxidant Protection. This one is a big one, as damage resulting from free radicals Is implicated in over 100 diseases. The more antioxidant support we have, the healthier our bodies will be.
  4. More Energy. Providing our bodies optimal forms of ionic minerals, as well as vitamins, phytonutrients, amino acids, and antioxidants, will both protect our cells and optimize their metabolism. This results in a boost of physical and mental energy.
  5. Immune Support. The various cells and or­gans involved in immune function require a wide array of nutrients. An ionic mineral-acai product can provide many of these nutrients.
  6. Improved Sexual Health. Many anecdotal evidences from the Amazon suggests that the acai berry may be able to improve sexual function. The rich nutrient profile of the berry, along with the enhanced availability of ionic minerals, would also support sexual health.
  7. Improved Metabolism. The various minerals will help the various nourish minerals and nutrients that will help nourish the endocrine system, thereby enhancing its production and function. This will result in improved metabolic function, enhanced wellness. A product delivering all the nutritional goodness of ionic minerals, fulvic acid, and acai can provide a wide array of nutrients needed by the body for various functions.

Is It Time to Make One Small Change?

Sometimes health comes from one change.  That change makes one small shift and feels better.  We are not sure why, but some days you ask yourself if it’s time to make one small change.

I am here to tell you that little changes, little shifts, can make a big difference.  Diet, exercise, proper nutritional supplements can bring about a better, healthier life.  So why not start right now?

Where can you find an Iconic Mineral Acai Blend?  Give us a call at Palma Sola Therapies 941.745.1313  Be happy and healthy!

Source: Karol Schuyler, RN MMT from Palma Sola Therapies and Sound Concept.