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What people say about Palma Sola…

We absolutely love our customers and we’re proud to say they love us too!   We have an incredible group of clients who speak highly of us and we are genuinely grateful to all of them for taking the time to go to the internet and post another one of our many 5 star reviews.  Thank you all!

“A treasure cove of healing, wellness, and services as well as some awesome women make this a must-visit spot.”

Christine, Client

I have nothing but praise for Karol and her business. My health has completely transformed since she came into my life and her practice has made it so easy for me and my husband to live and lead healthier lifestyles.  It’s been so nice to see her business grow!!!



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The emergency clinic gave me an Rx for my dry & bleeding sinuses and my throat was so dry I asked for a strep test. The steroids helped the inflammation, however, the conditions persisted. When Karol introduced me to Colloidal Silver – healing began right away. It has made the difference in one day of application. She was very attentive and informative in understanding my ailment.


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I cannot say enough good things about this place and the entire team! Everyone is so kind, helpful, and knowledgeable.  Everything from their massage services to the relaxing and therapeutic infrared sauna, to the supplements and products they offer, just wonderful! I had a tension headache for almost three days and after one session, it was completely gone!  Such a relief.  If you’re looking for a place to relax and improve your overall health, look no further!


Yelp Review

Karol is a knowledgeable and caring practitioner.  She actually thinks about her clients’ issues between their visits and develops strategies to address their issues and circumstances.  She is also a teacher who helps her partners and staff improve their approaches and techniques – so they can all better care for their clients.  Karol has a gift for finding other qualified professionals who share her dedication to service and getting to the heart of each client’s needs.


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Their massage team was phenomenal! They were able to accommodate the massage to what I needed. They’re gifted and are great at finding areas of tension and pressure points, along with stretching warm towels, and essential oils. My muscles feel relaxed and tension-free and have not had a headache since my massage. Was truly the best massage I have ever received! They’re the only place I will go to. (And it’s a 40-mile commute for me, in Florida traffic- that right there says it all, they’re the best!)

Also spent some time in their infrared sauna, it was amazing. Would highly recommend it! Great facility and knowledgeable friendly staff. It’s a place to really aid in your health & wellness.


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The messages are great….they find areas of tension and pressure points, along with stretching. warm towels and essential oils. My muscles feel relaxed and tension-free, and I have not had a headache since my massage. I also spent some time in their infrared sauna, it was amazing! Would highly recommend it!  Great facility and knowledgeable friendly staff.  It’s a place to really aid in your health & wellness.


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Palma Sola Therapies is a Treasure Trove of healing, wellness, and services, as well as some awesome women, make this a must-visit spot.


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Their massages are excellent. I’ve been getting treatments with them for a while now and they just keeps getting better!


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When I was injured and had major surgery, I was sent to Palma Sola Therapy for recovery and met with a massage therapist who is very knowledgeable and helpful in my agonizing recovery.  They have truly been a blessing! Thank you!! Thank you!!


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Love this place and all the people there! Very caring and professional! Would highly recommend it!


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Warm, caring, and helpful.


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Always a huge help!


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